Childrens Clinic

Chinese Medicine for Families and Children

The practice also specialises in treating children from birth. I’m often asked if children will take their medicine or have Acupuncture or even take Chinese Herbs? It is my experience that provided  children are not forced into it, then they accept the treatments willingly especially when they realise it will make them better. This is often much to the amazement of their parents.

Occupying children during treatments.

We are a child friendly practice.

Depending on the situation and the stage the child is at, bringing activities to keep children occupied whilst discussing their treatment with their parents often works well. Also it is not always possible to find a baby sitter when coming for a treatment yourself and in these cases mothers or fathers often bring their children, most of whom are content to watch a film, read or do some colouring etc.

“Most children are intrigued by Chinese Medicine and don’t mind Acupuncture or taking Chinese Herbal Medicine if they feel it will make them better”

Child aged five undergoing Acupuncture treatment.