Treatment Types

There are three main modalities of Chinese Medicine:

Acupuncture: Healing is achieved by inserting very fine needles into specific points in the body, which have been empirically proven to have healing effects for many complaints.
Disposable, single use pre-sterilised needles are used in the Clinic.

Chinese Herbs: Chinese Herbal Medicine has a whole range of different herbs to treat the subtle differences of each disease that is specific and unique to each individual.
This specific targeting increases the success of the treatment.

Tui’Na Massage: (pronounced twee-na).
Shiatsu massage is more commonly known but was originally developed in Japan from Tui’Na massage. Manual pressure is applied to the fully clothed body using a wide range of techniques.

Auxiliary Treatments

These consist of diet, lifestyle management, exercise and Qi Gong/Tai Chi as appropriate. These will also be focused on the patient’s complete diagnosis.

All Treatments


Chinese Herbs

Tui’Na Massage

Qi Gong and Tai Chi