“David has beenIMG_1683 unfailingly supportive to my health and wellbeing since I first came to see him in 2003.

I have been in relatively good health over the years but whenever I have had health issues he has provided both Acupuncture and/or Chinese herbs to help me.

Some examples are: digestive upsets, kidney and urinary tract issues, sleep and anxiety disturbance, emotional states, sinus congestion, support to the immune system and the ability to fight off viruses.

I have moved to another part of the country now but am very relieved that I can still call David to get advice on any health issues and am still be able to receive Chinese Herbal Medicine from him when necessary.

David has also been extremely helpful to other members of my family over the years for which we are all grateful.”  Lesley C


“I first discovered David after being recommended by Revital health food shop in Beaconsfield after being being diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer which had spread from my bowel to my liver in 2011.

I was desperately looking for some hope and someone who could help support my body and my mind as I was going through the treatment.  By the time I arrived at David’s clinic, I was recovering from Bowel and liver surgery and had just started the chemo phase of my treatment. My body was struggling and mentally I was pretty low too.

The chemo was the worst, it made me feel awful, sick, extremely tired and mentally exhausted, and I was very anxious.

It’s not overstating it to say I really feel David has been absolutely central to my recovery (not once, but twice) from advanced cancer.  I can’t recommend him strongly enough.  Every time my mind faltered along the years, he has calmly and knowledgeably put me back on track. I know now the power of my mind and how vital this has been to my survival.  The effect on my health has been incredible, I honestly can say after nearly 3 years in full remission, I feel better than I ever have with no lasting side effects despite multiple surgeries and chemo.  I also took Chinese herbs to help my bowel recover from surgery which prevented me from suffering from digestive problems.

Having acupuncture alongside chemo helped me complete the treatment.  It was extremely effective with reducing nausea and anxiety and giving me a good nights sleep. And rather than accepting and living with the side effects of the cancer treatments, I had regular sessions of acupuncture to deal with anything that cancer threw at me.  I have never been a good sleeper, but I now sleep soundly throughout the night.  And despite originally doubting my ability to survive this, I now feel strongly I have and can continue to do so!  My priorities have changed and I now make time to maintain my health with regular acupuncture treatments and my medical team are hugely impressed by how well I am doing.  I am still in full remission.”  Rachel Bown


“David was recommended to me almost 8 years ago, originally for fertility and I haven’t looked back. He has since treated me for many various symptoms over the years, each with varying degrees of success, including treating my children and I now visit him once a month for regular maintenance.   David is extremely professional but also has a warm, caring, sympathetic nature about him which immediately puts any concerns at ease. Without hesitation I have recommended him to family and friends who have all been grateful for the treatment and advice they received.  David is a trusting confidant and I thank my lucky stars I can always rely on him.”  Alison S


“I always enjoy my visits to David, not only for the treatments he gives me but he also encourages me to make the most of my life and enjoy all that I am still able to do. I come home feeling life is still to be enjoyed”  Pauline Lavington


“David has been a great help to me over the last 7 years; shoulder & neck problems; foot & back injuries; headaches; lack of energy plus stress, amongst other things. All treatments have improved the conditions. Always a pleasure to see him, very caring & also has a great sense of humour.”

“Also, I have to say David is not the first practitioner in this discipline I have seen but he has been the most effective in treating my health issues over the years.”  Lois Bradberry


“I was recommended to David when our daughter was undergoing treatment for cancer, and, the prospects of survival were put at 7% !

She continues to have regular acupuncture sessions with David which, we believe, has in no small measure contributed to her recovery from the cancer operations and chemotherapy, and her continued survival and well being.

I have also benefitted from a few acupuncture sessions with David, which has helped my recovery from a recent stroke, affecting my mobility.

I would certainly recommend David as a result of his treatment of our family which, we have no hesitation in saying, has been and continues to be very effective, and is also very reasonably priced.”  Aidan Thomas 


“I was very fortunate the day I picked David’s name from the yellow pages in 2010. He is not only caring and dedicated, but his treatments have always cleared up my problems.As I am in my eighties I have suffered with, shoulder, neck,back and groin pain, all of these never returned.I have also been helped with indigestion, bowel disorders and knee pain. My life has changed completely as I am fitter and more relaxed now than I have been for years.”

“Thank you David”  Valerie King