K Laser Success Stories

Like you, every K-Laser story is unique. Explore real-world examples of how therapeutic laser is changing lives. See the dramatic results for yourself.  It may be the first step in finding the help you need to treat your pain.


What patients are saying about the K Laser

“For two years now I have lived with neck and shoulder pain.

On recommendation from my consultant I visited David at the Windrush Clinic ……………. I could hardly lift my arm. David suggested I might benefit from K-laser treatment. I had 6 sessions over a three week period followed by another two sessions over two weeks.  I now have full movement and the pain has virtually gone. It continues to get less and less painful every day and  have now fully returned to yoga, driving and gardening.

I would recommend trying this treatment first to anyone who is considering an operation for a shoulder tear.”

— Jill Smith


“I contacted David Wilson after I had pulled a muscle in my neck, which was extremely painful.  I had first contacted my G.P. and was prescribed a relaxant, to which I had a very bad reaction.

When I spoke to David he recommended a course of laser treatment.  From the very first treatment I had quite a bit of relief from the excruciating pain, and after 8 sessions I could move my neck freely and with no pain!

I can heartily recommend this treatment, it is very comforting and non-invasive.”

— Jenny B


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